Elgato video delay obs

Elgato video delay obs

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How To Fix The Elgato Audio Delay With OBS & Xsplit (Syncing Audio Tutorial)

This website uses cookies to enable certain functions and to improve your user experience. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. More Information. There is no easier way to digitise home video to playback on your computer, to sync with an iPad or iPhone, to edit in iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker, or to upload to YouTube.

The era of VHS tapes is winding down, and after three decades there is a lot of video content to transfer for modern playback devices. Elgato Video Capture provides an easy way to bring those precious memories into iTunes or your Windows Media Player library.

Elgato Video Capture is very easy to use. The software assistant guides you through every step, from connecting an analogue video device to capturing video and choosing how you will watch and share it.

The software offers a simple tool to trim the beginning and end of the captured video. With just one click, you can add your video to iTunes or to your Windows Media Player library; you can play back the video on your computer or sync it with your iPad or iPhone; you can upload your video directly to YouTube; and you can edit it right away in iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker.

Take your content to the next level. Professional chroma keying made easy. Get your camera feed looking professional. Continue anyway. Got it! Shop now. Elgato Store. Buy from our partners. Only available at the Elgato Store. Put Family Memories on your computer The era of VHS tapes is winding down, and after three decades there is a lot of video content to transfer for modern playback devices.

Every step is made simple Elgato Video Capture is very easy to use.The Elgato Stream Deck offers amazing control for streaming and more oh, so much more. Live add-on for OBS Studio, which makes stream management easy. You can find OBS.

elgato video delay obs

Live and Stream Deck! Head over to the downloads page on the Elgato website here and select the download for Stream Deck. Open the file and install once the download is complete. Open the Stream Deck software and it should recognize the hardware. You can press the middle button for welcome information, but for now, you can mouse over to it in the Stream Deck software, right click, and select delete. Now you have a blank slate and we can get started.

Live specific actions. Nine of the actions are highlighted with blue text and these denote OBS. Live-specific actions separate from standard OBS Studio actions, which are already available by default in the Stream Deck software. The titles of the actions are pretty self-explanatory but in case you need any further information on them, just hover the mouse over the action item for a short explanation of what it does.

This also applies for every action item available in the Stream Deck software as well. To add any action item to your Stream Deck, just click and drag the desired action item onto any available square. Generally, for most Stream Deck action items, you would want to add a title or different icon. Live as the default icon contains the title and basic image that correlates to what it does! This helps to keep it simple and straightforward!

Live action items. Just press the button on the Stream Deck and see what happens. The Charge KappaGen will be a crowd favorite for sure! With your OBS. Live actions ready to go, all that is left is to do is configure your scene switching with the Stream Deck!

This would usually be your main streaming scene collection. If you found this article helpful, or need more help with your Elgato Stream Deck configuration, be sure to reach out to us on social media.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New resources New profile posts Latest activity. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

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Setting an Audio Delay in OBS

Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hello, I recently purchased the Elgato and have had it for about 3 weeks.

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After playing with a few settings, i can't seem to find out what the problem is. However, i want to use OBS for twitch overlays, webcam, etc When i try to live stream using OBS, it always lags. I play a lot of Call of Duty so it is fast paced. I don't know why it would not lag when i live stream directly on the Elgato Program and lag when i use OBS.

I am not nearly as advanced as some people within the settings so anything would be highly appreciated. In case you are wondering, my speed test result is Download: 23 Upload: 4. FerretBomb Active Member. I assume you're talking about in-game, gameplay lag?Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New resources New profile posts Latest activity.

Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter xerosugar Start date Mar 13, This works really well, but the problem is that, at least with the Elgato, the video stream from your console is delayed about 2 sec.

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Fortunately, there is a pretty simple workaround for this; using VLC, you can stream your webcam and add a delay to it by typing a number into the "Caching" field.

What I'd like, however, is the ability to do add a delay to the video source in OBS alone. You can set a time offset for the microphone, so why not for the video? Some1namedCorey New Member. Yes, this would be an awesome feature to have! Warchamp7 Forum Admin. This feature was added since this post. Jim Jim. But you can't "use buffering" on the Game Capture plug-in, only on video capture devices.

That's the problem: we can delay the camera more, but the problem the camera is already behind 1. It's the Game Capture direct screen capture that needs to be delayed. Or we would need a global delay for the whole stream like we set it to 2s and be able to set a negative offset to the camera eating 1.

But we can do something like that with just one PC and the Game Capture plug-in? Well the title of this thread was "to Video Capture Device", so it's understandable I would reply that way. You cannot really delay texture-based sources such as game capture because it requires too much video memory. Two seconds of a 60fps p capture is almost a gigabyte of video RAM.

Many people only have one gig to spare.

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I could make it download the game capture image and store it in regular RAM, but that would be both inefficient and still quite a lot of RAM. It's a difficult situation. Ok ok good point. Well on my 2 PC setup I'm doing just that already, delaying a Blackmagic capture, which is non-compressed 8-bit, so it's eating up a bunch of memory already I guess.

But you're right that would not fit all configs. And that second PC gets that local stream as game image source. That way we could run several OBS on the second streaming PC with the same game image source to have several streams to different sites, in different quality.

I'll try a different setup, but capturing the video using the video capture device on the same machine, on the gaming PC You must log in or register to reply here.Tech Support self.

My audio is not sync'd with my video. I have attached a clip for example, any tips on fixing this will be a huge help!

elgato video delay obs

Also notice how my mic audio is in sync with my webcam. Open the properties for your desktop audio device source and turn off "Use Device Timestams". Not sure if you still need it, but what you want to do is click the "cog" button next to Desktop audio under the mixer section.

Then click properties near the bottom, and make sure the device timestamps box is UN checked. I have an issue with it randomly muting audio I make sure everything is right, record over an hour of gaming and go back to a muted microphone. Yes when you set the offset in the mixer for your mic you can fix your voice audio to what is happening on the stream.

Yes, when you right click and set the sync delay for your webcam you can fix your webcam to sync to what is happening on the stream.

The numbers remain in the program as I set them, but when i run a first stream I then will just re-type those same numbers again and start the stream and it seems to work fine. Thank might not work for everyone, but right now that is what seems to be happening for me. I might check back on this later. I did the time stamp thing it hasn't helped? The delay to what you see is about 1. Any other ideas? Elgato HD60, ps4 streamlabs obs.

This is what I did. On the right side you will see Mixer. There you will see a little gear wheel settings. Left click on that. Close that out by clicking on the X. Then over in the middle where Sources is go down until you find your webcam. Click on that to highlight it. Left click on that and find filters.

Click on filters. Under Filter type find Video Delay Asyncfrom there you can input your delay. I used ms again.

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How to use the Elgato Stream Deck with OBS Studio & OBS Live

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elgato video delay obs

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