Crimson chin vs nega chin

Crimson chin vs nega chin

Death Battle created by OnePunchKid.

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It features Mr. These superheroes are known for their tendency to save people and their red suits, but only one combatant will leave saving themselves and soaked in red. Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skill to find out who would win Boomstick: There are two types of people in this world: those who are ordinary and defenseless and those who are born with extraordinary abilities with the latter being something the world's never seen.

Wiz: This race of humans are known as "Supers" for the superpowers they gain. The powers these "Supers" gain can vary from manipulating ice to having elasticity to creating shields and turning invisible. Wiz: Some of these Supers decided to dedicate their lives to crime-stopping and eliminating evil. Still, there were some that were more prominent than others.

One of these guys is among the greatest superheroes if not the best superhero. Wiz: Mr. Incredible became so good at fighting crime that he became a household name and was one of the more famous heroes in this "Golden Age of Supers".

Boomstick: Mr. Incredible was known for working alone until he met Elastigirl, eventually marrying her and having kids of their own.

Wiz: Sadly, good things don't last long. Soon, people began suing superheroes due to the damage they caused which resulted in the government removing them. Boomstick: I still think it's a stupid idea to remove superheroes. I mean, collateral damage is just a small price to pay when dealing with villains causing trouble to your city, right? I'll say it again: removing heroes from the picture removed their only security. Who's left now?

The police?

crimson chin vs nega chin

Boomstick: Oh come on Wiz. You know that in fictional worlds like these, guns are useless. Wiz: You do have a point. Even when placed in retirement, Mr. Incredible would take any oppurtunity to keep on going as a superhero. Incredible is considered as one of the most powerful Supers and he clearly has the might to prove it.

Wiz: Those seem to be his main powers.The Body of Evil has parts that correspond with the relevant parts of the villans that make it up. After the Crimson Chin and Cleft defeated the villains and put them away in jail, the villains were concocting a scheme, now that they were in the same jail cell. Just then, Doctor Robot, back from a game of giant golf, freed the villains and stuffed them inside his chest, forming the Body of Evil.

Cleft and the Crimson Chin tried to take him head-on, but the Crimson Chin ended up defeated. Timmy realized that the robot was missing a heart, so he called upon his fairies to turn him into the Heart of Gold. As the Heart of Gold comes face to face with the robot, it leaps on its chest, thus turning it good. The robot spat out the villains and put them in separate jail cells. It then skipped away, throwing flowers from a flower basket. The evil team of villains that came up with the plan to band together to form the actual Body of Evil robot.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Spoiler warning : Plot or ending details follow. Spoilers end here. Character Guide. Categories :. Body of Evil. Production Information. Main Villains. Ed Leadly.T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more featuring designs by independent artists. Find Crimson Chin gifts and merchandise printed on quality products that are produced one at a time in socially responsible ways.

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Tags: crimson, chin, fairly, weird, parents, cleft, boy, wonder, bronze, kneecap, halftone, comic book, timmy, dinkelberg, timmys mom, timmys dad, cosmo, wanda, poof. Tags: callmecarson, meme, funny, awesome, gag, crimson chin, fairly odd parents, minecraft, youtube, youtuber, twitch, streamer, memes, irony, ironic, jschlatt.

Tags: cosmo and wanda, timmy turner, fairly oddparents, mr crocker, jorgen von strangle, vicki, chip skylark, crimson chin, chester mcbadbat, trixie tang.Within the fairly odd parent's universe, he's a fictional hero within a comic book, in which Timmy wishes to either bring him to life in the real world, or transport himself into the comic book's world.

Chuck Indigo was once a failing talk show host until the fateful day he was bit in the chin by a radioactive guest on the show. The early years of the Crimson Chin prior to becoming a talk show host remain unknown. Chuck Indigo was once a failing talk show host in the city of Chincinatti until the day a radioactive celebrity guest bit him on the chin though WHY he bit him on the chin is unknown. Afterwards, he discovered that he had great powers, which he used to fight crime in his new identity of the Crimson Chin.

Is the Crimson Chin Spoofing Darkwing Duck?

He then created a new civilian identity for himself, Charles Hampton Indigo, local reporter for the newspaper The Daily Blabbity. After that, he had a long, remarkable career as a crime fighter, acquiring numerous enemies along the way.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Crimson Chin. Oh Yeah! Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. Real Name. Charles Hampton Indigo. First Appearance.

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Butch Hartman. Team Affliation.So I'm researching a fight between Mr.

Body of Evil

Incredible and The Crimson Chin. I would like to use this in my research. If you want to put your two cents in the matchup, you're free to do so as well. As you can see in his profile he's on the same level as his enemies, and those in turn were able to take hits from Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad, that's how he scales. Those Crimson Chin enemies may look like pushovers at first they actually have good reasons to scale, The Nega-Chin blitzed Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad with his negavision whereas Crimson Chin could dodge it, the other enemies were shown more comparable to Crimson Chin in his canon Webtoons, plot just made them more ealisy beatable as the series went on.

Some of them are above Cleft, whom Crimson Chin is superior to, at least initially. So yeah. As for Mr. I'll also point out how the 7-C feat Mr.

Incredible scales to seems suspicious?

The Crimson Chin! 🦸‍♂️ The Fairly OddParents - NickRewind

A Super may be able to do magnitude 6 earthquakes but why would his regular attacks have the same power? I'm pretty sure it would just be Environmental Destructionbut I digress.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor. Follow 0 Kudos. Crimson Chin scaling. Loading editor. Edited by EficienteMay 10, Quote More History.

crimson chin vs nega chin

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Bronze Kneecap

I will keep this in mind. Thank you for helping out. Reply Preview.Forums New posts Search forums. Media Random Playlists. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only.

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Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Thread starter SilverKnight Start date Jun 19, What features would you all like Anime Superhero to have? JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. SilverKnight Sigh. Apr 28, 5, 0 36 37 In my head. This is unlikely, but I figured that I might as well ask, anyway. Anyway, in the episode, Timmy goes into the comic book and learns that the Crimson Chin has an arch-nemesis called the Nega-chin, an evil twin from a parallel universe.

When the Nega-chin is released into the "real world", he takes out four other supervillain buddies that make up their little unnamed super troupe.

Crimson Chin

Furthermore, both Crimson Chin and the Negachin seem to enjoy making long-winded metaphoric speeches, along with using alliteration in half their lines.The Bronze Kneecap is a nemesis of the Crimson Chin. He employs a number of weapons from the kneecaps of his bronze suit.

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He is featured in some of the episodes in which Timmy Turner reads or wishes himself into the Crimson Chin comic books. He wears a suit that was smelted from bronze trophies that he had previously won. From the kneecap of the suit, a flying fist or ram-head shaped bullets can be shot out as weapons.

The Bronze Knee Cap's major and possibly only power is his ability to repel bullets, etc.

crimson chin vs nega chin

In addition from his actual kneecaps, he is able to shoot miniature bronze ram heads that as a projectile. Finally, he is able to summon several gadgets from the mechanical knee, such as a megaphone, robotic claws, and other weapons from his knee caps. He first appeared in " Chin Up! Timmy became Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder and attempted to stop the Bronze Kneecap himself, but was quickly defeated and then tied to a bronze knee shaped rocket.

After calling the Chin for help, Cleft is saved by the Crimson Chin who then proceeds to defeat the Bronze Kneecap with some assistance from Cleft. In, " Lights When he heard about the Crimson Chin movie being in production, he decided to impersonate as the movie's director and turn the film into a mockery so he can ruin the Chin's reputation and have his comic book canceled.

However, the Kneecap's plot was foiled with Timmy summoned the real Crimson Chin and was pushed back into the comic book after a brief fight. In " The Masked Magician ", his origins were explained much better. Before he became the Bronze Kneecap, he was Ron Hambone a famous Jai alai player who always ended up in 3rd place Bronze. One day, the Crimson Chin participated in a celebrity competition against him.

During the match, Ron seemed to have the upper hand as he only needed one more point to finally win the 1st place gold trophy until the Chin accidentally tripped him with his large chin causing him to break his knee Angry and wanting to get revenge on the Chin for ending his career, Ron melted all his bronze trophies to create his bronze suit and became The Bronze Kneecap! His goal is to destroy the Crimson Chin as his revenge!

He didn't move on with his life after the incident simply because the Chin never apologized for tripping him as proven when Timmy asked him why he did not move on since that was an accident - he'd stop if the Chin apologized, but the Chin refuses to. Sign In Don't have an account?

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crimson chin vs nega chin

Contents [ show ]. Spoiler warning : Plot or ending details follow. Spoilers end here. The Fairly OddParents. Character Guide.

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Categories :. Bronze Kneecap.