Centurylink modem configuration

Centurylink modem configuration

To access the internet at home, you first need to set up your modem, a device that modulates the signal between the larger network and your at-home devices. Not sure what setting up a modem requires? Here, we give you all the information you need to get your modem up and running. Dozens of factors influence how fast your internet is, including using the wrong modem. The modem and router page gives you a complete overview of which modems and routers you can use.

Find compatible modems and routers. Visit our contact page to find the right number for your query, or simply call ! Contact a service representative. This site is a US Consumer site. You can learn more about our site and privacy policy. Learn How to Install Your CenturyLink Modem To access the internet at home, you first need to set up your modem, a device that modulates the signal between the larger network and your at-home devices. Modem and Router Flickering Lights See what different lights on your modem indicate Learn what to do when lights flicker, go out, or change color.

Is Your Internet Slow? Get the Latest Offers via Email. Thank you for your interest in CenturyLink An email will be sent to you shortly.You want to buy your own DSL modem, so you've looked through the modems they list as compatible but many are expensive, so now you're not sure if it's worth it.

Notes and disclaimers: 1. While these instructions should work for all CenturyLink locations, I can't make promises for any service area but Las Vegas. CenturyLink tech support would know more about that than I do. My modem is an Actiontec model GT Of those modems, the Actiontec GT series stands out as the most affordable.

Search at eBay for GT, sort by price, and look at only buy-it-now items as I've done in the following link. Don't worry if the modem says it's for Qwest DSL service, since the Qwest firmware is what Century link recommends for their service anyway.

Even if the modem has "Qwest" painted right on the modem, that's still what you want. The instructions on the first page about accessing the modem setup are accurate, but the instructions on the second page are nonsense.

I asked their tech support people why inaccurate information was at their website, but I didn't get a reasonable answer. The first thing you should do is access the modem setup page.

To do that, turn the modem on and connect your computer to the modem with an Ethernet cable. You should see the setup page. The firmware version is noted on the main setup page. In the image above the firmware is QW If it's anything else then you should consider upgrading the firmware software before trying the configure the modem.

It may work with an earlier firmware release, so you are welcome to try it, but CenturyLink recommends upgrading the firmware version. Here are the firmware download and install instructions for various DSL modems. Click the " Click here for advanced settings only if required by your ISP " link at access the advanced settings page. Set everything on that page to be exactly like these settings.

Click Apply. After the system recovers from the Apply command, click the DSL Settings link in the menu on the left.

Enter settings exactly like below. After settings have been applied restart the modem power it down and power it back up again. Make sure the phone line is connected to the back of the modem in the "Line" plug.

It should connect. My modem connects in about 1 minute 45 seconds, as follows. Power Light to Green: 15 seconds DSL Connect Light to Steady: 80 seconds Internet Connect Light On: 10 seconds Total: seconds 1 minute 45 seconds If you wish to connect more than one computer to this modem you can plug a router either wired or wireless, or both into the Ethernet plug and it should work just fine.How long does it take?

Will you need to drop a bunch of cash for a professional installation? Or can you just do it yourself? Jump to: Pro installation vs. The CenturyLink self-installation process is pretty simple, so anyone with some basic tech knowledge should breeze through it.

Getting your CenturyLink internet installed is easy. There are just a few steps, and CenturyLink provides detailed and easy-to-follow instructions with your kit.

Connect the black power cord into your CenturyLink modem, and plug it into an outlet near your computer.

Find the WiFi settings without a sticker

The power light will start blinking and eventually stay lit. This should only take a minute. Plug the other end into a phone jack near your computer. The DSL light on the modem should start blinking. You should have received a letter with the installation kit letting you know your activation date. If nothing is wrong with that, try a different phone jack.

Connect the yellow Ethernet cable to the modem. Plug the other end to the Ethernet port on your computer. The Ethernet indicator on the modem should light up. Open a web browser on your computer. You should be automatically taken to the CenturyLink internet setup page to complete the online installation. Next, visit connect. To set up your CenturyLink Wi-Fi connection, locate the network name and password on the back of your modem. If you need additional help or run into any issues, call CenturyLink customer service at Call CenturyLink at to get yours.With a CenturyLink installation kit, you can get your internet service up and running all on your own.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know. A modem lets your computer receive and transmit data over the internet. Most CenturyLink modems include built-in routers, which broadcast a wireless network throughout your home. Your modem is a small, rectangular box with buttons and lights on the front.

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The back has several ports for connecting Ethernet cables and phone lines. The modem also comes with an AC power adapter that will plug into one of the ports. Not sure if your modem contains a router? If you got your modem directly from CenturyLink, the device you received almost certainly doubles as both modem and router.

Still unsure if you have the right equipment? Learn more about CenturyLink-compatible modems and routers. Your kit will come with a yellow Ethernet cable and a green telephone cord. These connect the modem to your computer and phone line. DSL filters split the signal between your data line—or the line that provides your internet service—and your phone line. These filters allow you to use the landline phone and the internet simultaneously without disruption or interference.

DSL filters are typically short off-white cords. Follow the steps below to connect to your CenturyLink Internet. If you need more filters, contact CenturyLink for purchase.

Place your modem in a central, high, well-ventilated location. Connect the AC power adapter to the back of your modem. If your modem includes a power switch, turn the switch to ON.

If there is no power switch, it will automatically turn on when you plug the AC power adapter into an outlet. It will take a few minutes for the modem to boot up. When it is ready to go, the power indicator on the front of the modem will light up. Plug one end of the green telephone cord into the port and the other end into a phone jack.

Do not use a DSL filter with this cord — it already has one built in, and installing another filter can interfere with your connection. The cord will click when fully in place.

Connect the yellow Ethernet cable to any of the yellow ports on the back of your modem. Plug one end of the cable into the modem and the other end into a port on your computer. All lights should be a solid green, except for the internet light, which may flash. To connect to the internet, make sure your computer is connected to your modem via the Ethernet cord and open a web browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

The CenturyLink welcome screen should automatically display on the page. The process should take about 15 minutes.Want to locate the WiFi settings on your modem without the sticker? Let's get started!

Your Guide to CenturyLink Installation

This video provides the step-by-step information to get and stay connected. Don't worry about taking notes or writing anything down—detailed instructions are also available in the video. Connect a WiFi device to your network. WiFi extenders for whole-home coverage. Change WiFi security settings. Find the best channel for faster WiFi. Find the WiFi settings without a sticker.

How to locate modem Admin settings? Admin Username and Password. Select "Wireless Setup". Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Locate the Network Name aka. The security type is listed here if you neeed it. Was this article helpful? Yes No. Sorry we couldn't help you find what you were looking for!

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We'd love to get your feedback on this article. Please tell us how we can make it better. If you need immediate help with a service or technical issue, please go to the contact us page. Thanks for your feedback! Top WiFi Topics. Top Tools. Internet Speed Test.

CenturyLink® Modem Configuration Technicolor C2100T

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centurylink modem configuration

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Best CenturyLink Compatible Modems (Updated 2020)

For You. News BGR. News Wochit. News The Associated Press now.

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News GeoBeats 42m. Shopping Amazon. News Variety 1h.Modems and routers are used in many homes, offices, and even in public places. Now, the combo modem and routers are available. These combo modems and routers allow you to enjoy the benefit of both devices in a single device. CenturyLink is a telecommunications company within the United States, and it is a popular choice for many individuals that need a digital subscriber line. Finding the best modem that works with your DSL can be cumbersome.

That is why we have compiled a list of our top 8 CenturyLink Modems. The modem routers on this list range from basic to advanced use devices.

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We have also listed the pros and cons of each item on this list to help you make an informed decision on which modem to purchase for your CenturyLink DSL.

This price is affordable when you are shopping for modem routers. This product was initially released in the s as a modem. However, the newer version of this device is a modem router. The maximum speed of this device is Mbps. However, it may not work at such speed in your home. Due to the age of this device, it does not upload or download as fast as newer router modems. The modem also has two ports that can be used to connect devices to the wireless network. To help you decide if you should purchase this modem router, below is a list of the pros and cons of the D-Link modem router.

The small size of this router makes it ideal for small homes, and you can travel with the modem router easily.

centurylink modem configuration

Because of this, the modem router is fast and has an excellent wireless range. There is an ethernet port in this modem router. An ethernet cable can be used to connect a device to the modem router. The ethernet cable will allow you to access the internet even if you are using a device without wireless capability.

You can connect your phone to this modem router.

centurylink modem configuration

If you have a digital subscriber line service in your telephone service, you can connect your telephone line to the D-Link modem router.